Sometimes I get accused of portraying that I don’t make any mistakes. “Mr Perfect”
This is far from the truth as I’m a bit of a clumsy clutz at times and I make my share of bad judgement calls.

A motorbike is a bad place to mess up badly and this an example of one of my worst ones.

So, the background to this video.
I was road testing 3 bikes this day and spent all afternoon riding. This was my 3rd and last bike and the dealership was closing soon(ish) so I was pushing harder through traffic than normal to get clear road so I could do my route and get back to them.

I knew the road I was on (I’d been on it 2 other times that afternoon) and as I was overtaking the Focus I realised that I’d messed up.
I had 2 choices. Commit to the overtake or brake hard which would unsettle whatever was behind me.
So I committed to the overtake thinking that, yes it was a bad move, but at least the cars had an empty left lane which they could (should) use.

But the overtake annoyed the Focus driver and so he held his position behind the BMW.
And then moved closer :\

What you don’t see with the wide angle lens of the GoPro is just how close we all are.
I’m 0.2s behind the BMW’s position at 60mph … I calculated how close that was and at 60mph I’m only 17ft away from his back bumper 😮
And the guy blocking me in was right next to me. If I took my foot off the peg I’d be touching his bumper.

Do I blame the Focus driver for his driving?

Although he added to my danger by pulling close and blocking me in, I put myself into that situation, not him.
Sure, he could have backed off or used the left lane, but the majority of the blame is mine.

But … how we deal with moments like this where each decision every split second can affect the outcome. Act or react wrong and it can be painful … or worse.
Get safe first, we can always apologise later 😉

The reason I’m sharing this video with you not to show you how I f*cked so badly, but to show you how I dealt with my mess up and how it’s one of the most important tools you can have as a rider or a driver.
Keep a calm head and your eyes open and everyone will get home safe.


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