Friday night in the big smoke

I’ve been a bit poorly recently and it was a couple of weeks since I was on the bike.

The end of a long week and I was feeling the itch to get out and de-stress with a ride, so I (stupidly) thought I’d take a short ride into London so show y’all the sights and the sounds ….and the f*kin retarded people wandering about.

I start at Chelsea where I see the real great Gatsby, then on to Westminster, head past Downing Street to Leicester Square then Piccadilly Circus (twice), Soho, Shaftesbury Avenue and then I got really lost… (kinda).

The bike suffers a bit in traffic when it gets warm. False neutrals, sluggish pickup (=stalling) and a tired idiot at the controls didn’t help matters either πŸ™‚

Doesn’t help when people walk out in front of you then stop dead in the middle of the road to get a better look. I’m glad I didn’t run into Captain C**tflap, but there’s also that other bit of me that wishes …..