This is a re-upload.
Currently the audio is blocked in Germany. If you can’t hear it, watch over at Vimeo:

As soon as I have time I will re-edit to different music.

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  • The 240sxLover 7 years ago

    Sounds like a German, speaking French but mixing with english hahaha good shit

  • Janel DelaVrancea 7 years ago

    amazing !

  • Grumpy Scrumpy 7 years ago

    Excellent! 🙂

  • Camberwell86 7 years ago

    3:35 – cheers Beemer =]

  • Peter Cobalt 7 years ago

    Funny as!!!!

  • I’d pay for a “Je suis le filtrage” sticker/patch/shirt

  • SouthernFried Tom 7 years ago

    BvG sent me here, now I am staying!

  • SANDSCORCHER 7 years ago

    Nice music 🙂 Like the black and white too. Very effective. 🙂

  • mrandyface 7 years ago

    Is that driving through Sutton at 1:00?

  • RTSRAZORBACK 7 years ago

    Mangez merde petit poisson ! Hahaha nice video, très amusant 😛

  • hulkhatepunybanner 7 years ago

    It’s true, the French only see in black and white.

  • oli333 7 years ago

    thanks 😀

  • oli333 7 years ago

    glad you liked it 🙂

  • oli333 7 years ago


  • oli333 7 years ago

    thank you 🙂 I’m not really

  • oli333 7 years ago

    thanks 🙂

  • roaddrifter hd 7 years ago

    I love this oli333. A little piece of genious married up with the perfect music, well done and many thanks for an entertaining 5 minutes

  • terminusest0 7 years ago

    Baron was right, you’r a f***in genius 😉

  • checodogface 7 years ago

    funny vid free riders vs cagers lol

  • 72bunk 7 years ago

    This is bloody GOLD…bravo!

  • FuzzyDoesGaming 7 years ago

    There is always going to be one asshole who doesn’t understand this and it’s me! 🙁

  • Johno Zed 7 years ago

    funny lol… always move forward, never backwards lmao

  • Kurt Fossen 7 years ago

    I would think The Filtering would be easier on a Supermoto….no?

  • Cwshty griff 7 years ago

    I love this! Cant help coming back to watch it. 😉

  • OMGGP 8 years ago

    Great video, subscribed!

  • londonteecher 8 years ago

    Very funny – in the style of Godard; now for Hitchcockian view of overtaking…

  • Darby Allen 8 years ago

    Truly inspirational!

  • gratedcarrot 8 years ago

    Where do we get Le Filtrage stickers then? 🙂

  • Alex Excell 8 years ago

    My favorite youtube video of all time. A beautiful combination of humour and the joy of riding a motorcycle. Hamster getting thrown out of your wheel, you’re at number 2 now.

  • Countdown84 8 years ago

    Enjoyed that it was funny

  • entoptika 8 years ago

    looks suspiciously like sutton at 1:09 :p 😉

  • roaddrifter hd 8 years ago

    very funny oli333. I enjoyed watching this very much.

  • Rakabahjar 8 years ago

    Yann Tiersen – La noyee, would recommend listening to yann tiersen, very many good pieces

  • boogdanRO 8 years ago

    great video ……the background music is driving me insane ….does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Hemmersfield1 8 years ago

    The Baron sent me

  • oli333 8 years ago

    🙂 thanks

  • flyboysix 8 years ago

    ………Shut up and take my time!! Subscribing for sure!! Frikken brilliant

  • leakeyboy 8 years ago

    This should be shown at Cannes. Amazeballs.

  • Clément Doudou 8 years ago

    J’adore !

  • nymetsfan912 8 years ago

    Baron sent me to your channel. Thank him.

  • Billy Tz 8 years ago

    Showed it to my girlfriend…. she stops every 20 sec, and laughed for 5 minutes ,and kept watching again xDReally awesome video ;-D!!

  • 100vasiliy 8 years ago

    BEST ………… VIDEO …………….. EVER?

  • fujin09 8 years ago

    you are good in accents man! like ur russian styled video too

  • MustNotCrash 8 years ago

    did you filter much on your Europe trip?

  • TheCodexNecro 8 years ago

    To dare, to move, to flow. To choose the right path to go!Haha! I perform Le Filtrage every day and love it.

  • mafiozoBFU 8 years ago

    :D:D jokes … yeeeey Sutton aka Slutton lol

  • Sebastien H 8 years ago

    awsome! 😀

  • grh1993 8 years ago


  • motorruben 8 years ago

    LOOL man i loved this video. so fun!

  • NC30NEV 8 years ago

    haha brilliant stuff mate

  • Pli55k3n 8 years ago

    Vraiment drôle 🙂

  • Celestine Brooks 8 years ago

    The Baron recommended this video. Thank God he did! Fantastic!

  • oli333 8 years ago

    yeah I did have to cut into it a couple of times 🙂

  • thanks alot!! he looped it, didnt he?

  • vachon644 8 years ago

    It’s fun to watch as a real french speaker. I live in Canada though; here it’s not legal sadly.. if it was so many people would die since drivers here are pathetic just like in the US.

  • MonsieurMotoVince 8 years ago

    La noyée – Yann Tiersen

  • RouteZeroDesign 8 years ago

    The Baron seal of approval is good enough for me, je suis subbed.

  • Great sense of humour! Thanks to the Baron for mentioning!What song are you using oli? beautiful music…

  • Neilisin 8 years ago

    Bloody hilarious and fun to recognise similar surroundings! 😉

  • Mayheezy592 8 years ago

    Sent here by BvG

  • David Elphick 8 years ago

    Chapeau M.Oli333! 😉

  • HardstyleRepublicAMG 8 years ago


  • kopytek36 8 years ago

    My wife asked me wtf I was laughing at.

  • Beefiebelly 8 years ago

    Sutton in sepia, makes it look so quaint. Bon travail mon amis!!!

  • Beefiebelly 8 years ago

    Sutton in sepia, makes it look so much more quaint. Bon travail mon ami!!

  • dbauernf 8 years ago

    BvG FTW!

  • DeauvilleCommuter 8 years ago

    Fantastic, I saw this a while ago and it was a treat to find it again, so funny…more please 🙂

  • red apple 8 years ago

    My father, Jean-Paul Claude Baptiste Le Boeuf and that picture had me pissing myself with laughter, need to make more videos

  • Bravo

  • R08Tam 8 years ago

    J’adore cette video!

  • Noel Gomez 8 years ago


  • ServSwitch 8 years ago


  • LightningStrikeXXX 8 years ago

    Best ever.

  • timerider313 8 years ago

    The majority of American drivers lack the necessary lane discipline to allow us motorcyclists to filter even if it were legal over here.

  • thepigofhappiness 8 years ago

    The Baron’s Army arrives

  • Idiosynocracy 8 years ago

    “Eat Shit little Fish.” I was dying from laughing so hard! Definitely subscribing! THe Baron sent me this way!

  • call217 8 years ago

    get new headphones 🙂

  • call217 8 years ago

    MR Grumble sent me. He says thanks i think.

  • Thebestsnake 8 years ago

    I’m french and i love this video dude 😉 in France, we call that “interfile” Subscribed ! Merci à toi. Baguette !

  • BronxFortyEight 8 years ago

    Love the vid man. I am a big fan of the Filtering.

  • permedmammoth 8 years ago

    Très bien <3

  • Lee chamberlain 8 years ago

    Do you live in sutton ?…..

  • Moustie Lars 8 years ago

    genius video’s mate, subbed!btw: thank you for the baron as we know him!

  • EastLondonKiwi 8 years ago

    Legend! Awesome work.

  • alasdairsmith0491 8 years ago

    CBR600RRs are excellent bikes. Nice to see another out there on a 600 honda :). Awesome vid btw! Keep it coming.

  • CapeVoice 8 years ago

    Tres amusant! J’adoré le filtrage. sub 🙂

  • Pierre Camembert, the name is so funny 😀

  • Allan Barnard 8 years ago

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen on youtube. Well written (improvised), funny, constructive, and well edited. +1 subscription for you monsieur Camembert!

  • troyboy986 8 years ago

    The baron sent me. ‘Alo from Oz.

  • Deltaworks23 8 years ago

    Very entertaining! I’ll sub for…le filtrage.

  • recoil88 8 years ago

    +1 subscriber from Baron, give him a ball tickle from me.

  • Bartholo Clumpdink 8 years ago

    Thanks Baron for sending me here.

  • MrGrr73 8 years ago


  • Jay B 8 years ago

    Pure genius… Yup came here via BvG

  • Johan Bäckius 8 years ago

    Ahh, enjoyed this too much, thanks!

  • Sam Hamilton 8 years ago

    loved it, do you speak french well?

  • andyman210 8 years ago

    Do it anyway.