Don’t call my bike “She”
It’s a bl**dy “HE” …. 😉

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  • Evaldas M 7 years ago

    Bike – HE, car -SHE. Simple like that. It surprises me to hear someone refering to a bike SHE…lol

  • Phill Andera 7 years ago

    Black Mariah is all girl. I don’t ride boys! 😛

  • SaltireC 7 years ago

    A she because I don’t wanna ride a guy around haha I make my bike seem more human cause I love the damn thing 🙂

  • jason hall 8 years ago

    He, called Bertie the bandit :0)

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Sorry Dicky boy. Been pretty unwell recently, so taking a break for a week or 2 🙁

  • Richard Ford 8 years ago

    I want more Weeem!

  • Elij231 8 years ago

    mines is definitely a She. all she does is take my money on repairs. i’ve names all of my bikes in the past and really struggled with a name for my GPX until i spent £800 getting her ready for her MOT. hence the name – Golddigger!

  • TheLDNBiker 8 years ago

    Mine’s definitely female; I wouldn’t be riding a male and she throws a wobbly sometimes

  • liam1666 8 years ago

    its defo a HE. but he has no name and is like a faithful horse lol

  • AriGoldLLOYD 8 years ago

    i’m viewer 666….My old Crf450 was a she, called her ‘Sugartits’.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Ha! Very good 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I say “piece of sh!t” which I guess objectifying, but not genderising 😉

  • B0M0A0K 8 years ago

    Do you call your bike a ‘bitch’ if things go wrong with it. Isn’t that ‘genderizing’ it as well?

  • Tobias Glazebrook 8 years ago

    “I’ll tell you why he can’t be a she” *puts fuel nozzle into tank*…Are you sure? Haha.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Mine leaves skid marks :o/

  • Andi Kuehni 8 years ago

    maybe most of the riders call their bike a she because if it won’t run today they can refer to that as womens problems, or she’s in a bad mood today. Even an oilspill once in a month becomes quite normal… won’t work the same on a he bike, will it? greetings mate

  • petrolhead1987 8 years ago

    haha maybe im riding her :O

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I’ve got a cousin called Fiona. She was a bit of a bike too 🙂

  • petrolhead1987 8 years ago

    mine is a she and called Fiona lol. Subbed

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Watch and learn amigo … watch and learn: v=wo-wkv8gW6k 🙂

  • Vishal Kaushal 8 years ago

    It’s not just a bike. If you do not love your bike then simply you are not a true biker 😛

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Not particulary.It’s and amazing bit of kit, but it’s just a bike

  • Vishal Kaushal 8 years ago

    ya excellent and do you love your bike?

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Thanks Martijn 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    By Grand Avenue? … excellent song 😉

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    It’s a Spec-C STi 😉

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    … and smokes like a chimney 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Did they have matching headlights…?

  • jimrbrobinson 8 years ago

    Mine is definitely a she. She’s called Cecilia, named after my great, great grandmother. 🙂

  • gMustangGT95 8 years ago

    Shemale. Looks sexy like a girl, and has the power of a man 😉

  • nguyenimproved14 8 years ago

    nice wrx lol

  • Vishal Kaushal 8 years ago


  • TheCcponyboy 8 years ago

    Bike is called Paul… as it’s the King… Funnily not being from France, we don’t gender things.. Esso petrol, Tesco sell Momentum99 a 99RON super fuel..

  • pvtmartijn 8 years ago

    Awesome channel, subbed 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago


  • royaljordanian 8 years ago

    My bike is called Nuda which translates to Nude, so I’m hoping I’m riding a Nude “Her” lol

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    … you’d hope so 😉

  • Joe Ewing 8 years ago

    My bike is called Cindy, therefore she’s a girl

  • RevUnstableBoy 8 years ago

    my first bike… the scudzuki was definitely male.. my current ride.. the little ninjette, its a she..

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    If it’s the HTML5 error thing that started recently … you can fix it by going to youtube .com/html5 and opt out of the trial (bottom left)

  • JackSwatman 8 years ago

    My flash player isnt working so i cant play spot the difference 🙁

  • whoamiuk1 . 8 years ago

    Why lol well they give you the best days of your life and the worst hehehe

  • Gussechan 8 years ago

    It’s a tradition that probably started with naming ships after girls back in the day and it has just kinda wandered off from there. So go straddle that dude and ride him hard ;). My old XS650 is called Gertrude btw 😀

  • JackSwatman 8 years ago

    Deja Vu!