How to out run a helicopter on a GSXR 1000 Superbike by Guy Martin


The Epic

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  • jimbo99ful 7 years ago

    Brilliant video.

  • BlackAureole 7 years ago


  • zagamaphatoadis 7 years ago

    Oh the beautiful and deep relationship this man has with physics… through his intuitive understanding of their rules, he glides through the land like an angel through the sky, knowing that as long as he obeys their rules, he will be safe, but the moment he loses his balance or makes a mistake, they will crush him and be his death.

  • I5ZQ8 7 years ago

    this is such a peaceful speed run that its relaxing adrenalin.

  • Jack MeOff 7 years ago

    thats no backfire, he’s spraying flames for a good several seconds

  • um….he didn’t outrun anything……this is why i go ass to mouth on uploader’s mother

  • TannerLittle44 7 years ago


  • toolnv77 7 years ago

    you know your hauling ass when the stripes are looking like a solid white line. yea i know there are some solid white lines on the road. but im talking about the stripes.

  • James Goertzen 7 years ago

    Makes me fap every time

  • troy elliott 7 years ago

    someone should check out insane bike racing video..great montage of TT

  • troy elliott 7 years ago

    hey rick bobby..try and do this instead of going around in circles wearing a multi coloured jump suit..

  • troy elliott 7 years ago

    gotta love this..these guys are the shit..

  • Scott Johnson 7 years ago

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  • bhioysg 7 years ago

    THAT is f*cking amazing! That kind of speed on THAT kind of road?! Most would think that’s not the smartest thing, but that’s guts, experience and sheer skill to pull that off. Geez! Huge respect!

  • radrcer 7 years ago

    probably an even match most advanced helicopters max out at 180 MPH.

  • Octavarium666xyz 7 years ago

    because the chopper would be only sound in the video

  • Matt Carlos 7 years ago

    Ride right next to an airport

  • raspuzan 7 years ago

    WTM – why the music?

  • ammosmoke 7 years ago

    I did.

  • Vinay Kumar Naidu 7 years ago


  • Gryphonamx 7 years ago

    It is rather awe inspiring to watch this. These speeds on a street-course. No protection of any real kind on the edges, roads that are beaten and worn from daily use and weather. Nothing but the sheer talent and guts of this rider to keep that bike on the razor edge. Scary, yet exhilarating. Nothing but respect; I know I don’t have it in me to do that on a bike.

  • Torque Youreadoff 7 years ago

    A piece of ART……

  • Alvaro Vera 7 years ago


  • Caleb T 7 years ago

    I used to think gsxr’s were fast, but then I met your mom…

  • Adrian Neal 7 years ago

    How about that backfire at 2:07 !!! I don’t think anybody caught that.llolz

  • PsychedbE 7 years ago

    Honey, I’m hooooome!!!

  • Satish jaiswal 7 years ago


  • Satish jaiswal 7 years ago


  • GrandmasterBBC 7 years ago

    That was awe inspiring.

  • Samson163 7 years ago

    2:07 flame out the muffler! awesome

  • Samson163 7 years ago

    haha, to funny

  • glund01 7 years ago

    great footage and i love the music.

  • Torque Youreadoff 7 years ago

    aaaaaaaaaAmen tp that and ty for comment month ago-To ride that fast and see you openings to cut through the traffic just floors me-i raced flat track and it was all i could do to round an oval at 80 mph let alone 200mph it is just so far out of my skill level that i just marvel…………

  • Kill er 7 years ago

    You don’t that’s what, if you can’t out run the clock you won’t outrun the helicopter, it can zoom out and if they can have more helicopters corner them all over the place.

  • PSkarie 7 years ago

    It makes me love humanity!

  • zak wright 7 years ago

    i have nothing to say….

  • Daniel Flounders 7 years ago

    “See what isn’t there yet?”And that’s why people die!

  • DJCHABER 7 years ago

    This guys balls weigh more than I do…

  • sillieww 7 years ago

    the best in the world

  • sillieww 7 years ago

    the best in the world

  • AMUN RA 7 years ago

    thats a scorpio right there riding

  • bud morse 7 years ago

    you cant out run a helicopter all the pilot has to do is go higher.

  • gupiwa 7 years ago

    No problem. Just remember if you’re going to bring this theory into practice, make sure you have high definition video of it 😛

  • destined2sleep 7 years ago

    That was very thorough. Thankyou, lol.

  • gupiwa 7 years ago

    I can help you with that. Your average American police chopper has a max speed around 230-250kph. Meaning a GSX-R 1000 can very literally outrun that aircraft.So all you need is a road that lets you go in a straight line for long enough. Because helicopters obviously don’t need to follow paths, meaning to outrun a chopper you need a road that lets you consistently head in one direction so that despite being in the air they are forced to cover the same distance as you.

  • Gabriel Schulze 7 years ago

    if you want that info: get into a urban area and hide.. helicopters are fast enough (fastest helicopter goes ~400 km/h)if you go 400km/h your direction is predictable thus the pilot can either request other pilots to chase you or fly shortcuts as he doesn’t need to follow the road.In urban areas you’re slow but you can use the masses to hide and change direction quickly as there’re many intersections and your route becomes less predictable.

  • Rick James 7 years ago

    Absolutely someone talking to him in his helmet?…

  • andyversus 7 years ago


  • Chunpower 7 years ago

    this guy is fast

  • destined2sleep 7 years ago

    So the words “how to out run” cannot be replaced with “guide on out running”? I was under the impression both combinations are interchangeable in this particular situation. Could you explain, with examples, why this isn’t the case so I can further my understanding of the English language?Thankyou in advanced,destined.

  • ofsoundminds 7 years ago

    there is no word guide in the title. be mad at yourself.

  • RichardFeynmanRules 7 years ago

    What an incredible machine and incredible rider. Like watching some amazing ballet of man and machine in utter union. Beautiful!

  • alpha11ish 7 years ago

    well patrick mite find closed roads boring,after all where is the fun.what patrick does is far more dangerous but more fun than running closed roads.i dont condone what patrick does but i love it.To be able to ride like that he must see what isnt there yet.

  • Don Land 7 years ago

    Please LIST THIS SONG Red Torpedo! Great video but it is 200% improved by the magical, ambient background music. Give credit where credit is do. Love Guy Martin, please list the song credit. The artist would be thankful at 1.5 million hits.

  • David Taylor 7 years ago

    Name of song please?

  • untitled6981 7 years ago

    as far as I know Patrick has never attempted to race in the isle of an tt or Irish road racing. pity

  • TheAMGamers 7 years ago

    1:20 *blinks* -rewinds and watches again- ….BACK FIRRREEEEEEE

  • Bruno Guerreiro 7 years ago

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  • Justin Howard 7 years ago

    would love to see a helmet cam of this video hearing those rpm’s pretty close to porn

  • Justin Howard 7 years ago


  • David Taylor 7 years ago

    Song name?

  • bluesmax 7 years ago


  • MotorCycle Direct 7 years ago

    Camera helicopter loses track of Guy Martin while riding his GSXR 1000 at the 2012 TT.

  • XsuzukichickX 7 years ago

    Awesome ..

  • Orangebeastage 7 years ago

    turn this sound down and play “hanz zimmer – time”sounds great! 😉

  • Manuel Aphex 7 years ago

    this is hypnotize

  • mihappy 7 years ago

    great video, mesmerizing

  • alpha11ish 7 years ago

    let patrick furstenhoff and guy martin race then ill be impressed by the winner

  • zomgpylons 7 years ago

    That’s gotta be one of the most beautiful tracks i’ve ever seen

  • Trey3j 7 years ago

    Great video! There’s nothing like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

  • Mark Joseph Fitzpatrick 7 years ago

    Guy Martin what a rider he’s got some grate skills on them superbikes on the TT

  • destined2sleep 7 years ago

    I was expecting an instructional guide on how to out run a helicopter. Very misleading title.This video was a waste of my time.

  • TheIronMuscle 7 years ago

    Search for Guy Martin+Suzuki+Isle of Man TT on Google and youre watching porn.

  • Adam Smith 7 years ago

    I doubt you’re anywhere close to being able to “out run a helicopter”…so quit bitching and get back to riding your 250R

  • Dhuum301 7 years ago

    he’s name is guy martin O.o

  • shean325 7 years ago

    I dont know

  • RajputWARriorZ 7 years ago

    whats the name of this rider coz he is fuckin great

  • garooski48 7 years ago

    reminds me of when barry sheen use to race !! pure magic !! miss those days !!

  • destined2sleep 7 years ago

    I was expecting an instructional guide on how to out run a helicopter. Very misleading title.

  • darkenner78 7 years ago

    Who cares about the helicopter, if he went any faster he would be time traveling. Enough said.

  • Brad Ellis 7 years ago

    guys got balls of steel

  • MrsWilliams1989 7 years ago

    Helluva driver…

  • JMoore4291 7 years ago

    this is seriously incredible

  • Brijesh Upadhyay 7 years ago

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  • Jaco Hattingh 7 years ago

    What a fantastic video. Great riding, great filming, great editing, and the Isle of Man. What more can there be to life than this???

  • BlackyKerr 7 years ago

    Badass video but the title is fuckin retarded. He didn’t out-run the helicopter. He was going faster than the speed of the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom. Dumbass.

  • StamfordBridge 7 years ago

    I’m not a motorcycle guy at all, but that was amazing. Beautifully shot, too, and the hushed music actually enhanced the intensity and beauty of it all.

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi 7 years ago

    This is beautiful!

  • Michael McCurley 7 years ago

    Yeah. With all of the armchair critics around clips like this, it’s nice to see somebody else really understands what they’re watching.

  • Skip Tindle 7 years ago

    Well first of the helicopter has stay at altitude, and no the bike could not out run the chopper anyhow to many curves to out run it. Maybe with 100 miles of straight road he could. A chopper can cut corners a bike has to stay on the road.

  • Torque Youreadoff 7 years ago

    Guy Martin rides like the wind he has perfect form

  • Antdemo 7 years ago

    well that’s so full of shit, he had to zoom in all the time, let alone the tracks bend round and back to the helicopter, so in theory on a striaght road, helicopter would not stand a chance.

  • Gagosmith 7 years ago

    150 Kawasaki riders have been here… 🙂

  • HappyPantsTime 7 years ago

    I believe it references the stretch at 1:50. The helicopter does begin losing ground.

  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    It was an intentional misreading…

  • 08turboSS 7 years ago

    You can’t lose a helicopter on ANY bike these days. A lot of new helos the PD have today do 180-185 mph and can keep that pace for 2.3hrs. Can’t do that on a bike.

  • bato loko 7 years ago

    yeha mother faquer i am no ablar inglis spañis yes si llo ablo español jajaja

  • vinigretzky97 7 years ago

    Hahaha you totally misread my comment.To be fair, I forgot the comma after No :DOf course the technology behind NASCAR is complicated and therefore not dumb (like in every racing sport) but the race itself is dumb and only interesting because of the crashes.

  • Tony Deel 7 years ago

    Fuck NASCAR this shit is epic it takes absolute dedication and unlike a car a bike and rider like this become one u dont steer a car with your body

  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    Yeah I agree, No NASCAR is dumb. No NASCAR driver is dumb. No NASCAR race is dumb. NASCAR is not dumb. You make a good point. Let’s have a show of respect for the NASCAR fan here.