How to out run a helicopter on a GSXR 1000 Superbike by Guy Martin


The Epic

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  • youngsoldier93 7 years ago

    It’s so beautiful!

  • 2810Mad 7 years ago

    2:05 Flamespitter!!!

  • reefrunner nine 7 years ago

    Mow grass, ride bike….scratch….ride Bike and maybe mow the compound.

  • vinigretzky97 7 years ago

    No NASCAR is dumb. That is a fact.

  • Linkgt 7 years ago


  • robert92794 7 years ago

    Fucking does it like a champion. I would love to have the chance to fly like this in my life.

  • Flemming Anderson 7 years ago

    Fuckin Epic

  • Mohieddine Cheouichi 7 years ago

    valentino rossi who ?

  • Chris Nicole 7 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah love it!

  • Mr1triton 7 years ago

    Perfect form, focus and function…awe inspiring

  • 2005busaman 7 years ago


  • andy kane 7 years ago

    No, that would be Joey Dunlop

  • clatheho 7 years ago

    You are right when you say that is why it got so many views but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. It’s just another case of false advertisement to get more views which in my opinion is wrong.

  • clatheho 7 years ago

    I don’t even like NASCAR and after reading the argument you two just had all I can say is Pierre Weber you are retarded and are just hating on NASCAR for no reason and ignoring facts. As a mechanical engineer it is painful to watch someone present facts to an argument only to have the person respond with hehehe lol you’re 18 and your daddy must bring you to NASCAR. Shut up before you make yourself look any stupider.

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    I never said I was an expert. I just said I knew more than you, which would not be difficult, considering you don’t seem to actually care about racing in any way. Is there any other parts of your education missing, or just comprehension skills? I haven’t been to a NASCAR race. I don’t live in the US. I do have a car license, and soon a bike license. hopefully in the next couple of years a racing license. I’m done wasting my time. Have fun being a moron.

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    Mr. Racing expert ist18 year old…. ur racing experienced is either garthered on TV or based on a few AssCar races ur Daddy probably took u to…. and know this guy thinks beeing the racing expert on YouTube … Honestly, do u actually even have a driving license ..?

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    Meh, racers train themselves to use their peripheral vision, so the tunnelling wouldn’t be as bad as you think. That’s for an experienced racer, mind. if it were me I would see about 20 degrees in front of my face.

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    No, I haven’t participated in a real world race. at 18 I don’t have the money to do so, yet. if you weren’t so busy fucking your own mouth then you would realise that I watch ALL FORMS OF MOTORSPORT: WEC, WRC, F1, GT1, Indy, Touring cars, hell even DTM. And yes, I do know the nordschleife you patronising little shit. and I could probably teach you a lot more about racing than you know, considering you’re a little fanboy who clearly doesn’t give a shit about the racing…

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    okay, I should know better than to argue with someone who uses argumentation as an actual fucking word in this context, but here goes. Indycar have wet tyres, you fucking moron. they just don’t use them ON OVALS. they do use them on the array of awesome road courses that they run. I’m not even going to bother about explaining that ovals are a DIFFERENT FUCKING THING, because you’re too stupid to understand.

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    4 Comments of urs later im by 100% sure that: u never participated or even watched a real league Sport Race… And i dont fuckin meen ASSCAR or INDIE..i live 3 hours from the nordschleife (as car enthusisast u should know it, hope so) – call me next time ur in europe and i might Show u what RacingSport is about πŸ˜‰

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    very good Argumentation my fellow NASCART-Lover ^^first of all: Andretti was Born in italy(todays croatia). then about ur physical tire Problem: all the other soprts manage this issue – Nascar/Indie (both murican btw) just dont… not because of Physics my friend πŸ˜‰ Look at f1, DTM, F3, LMP-class,etc: 40-60 laps with 1-2 pitstops – works fine.ALL FACT !!ZERO VISIBILITY: so how are alle the non-Nascar/indiecar People still racing when ist raining? they drive blind or what? Again Fact!Actually

  • Dave Miatke 7 years ago

    No that would be John McGuinness, Guy has’nt won a senior yet, John has won 20

  • Dave Miatke 7 years ago

    only because it does’nt have to follow the rd, it has the advantage of cutting the corners.

  • primovid 7 years ago

    Back fire flames at 2:08

  • jonaswadil 7 years ago

    You tricked 1.3 mill people in to watching your video, well that says alot about you hustler

  • jonaswadil 7 years ago

    I am Chuck Norris’s stunt double, and i feel the same way..

  • tristan ivan guino-o 7 years ago

    If rossi is a GOD in motogpGuy Martin would be the KRAKEN in TT. .

  • Branden Holmer 7 years ago


  • Christopher Russell 7 years ago

    Nascar…..mate I go to the TT every year and YOU need to go and really understand and see the speed for yourself…Nascar one big oval skill yes but no where near the courage and ability to ride down roads at 190+ take a look at the road next time your out …pot holes and imperfections…them realize these guys ride flat out on that…nascar tracks are like f1 tracks perfect….no no no comparison my friend…full stop The TT is the greatest motorsport event in the world…

  • Lonely | Hedgehog 7 years ago

    Ahh…I remember you…you were the one walking round at the TT feeling all the racers balls! I’d like to see you chucking a nascar round an oval at 230mph

  • GSXRNubreed 7 years ago

    Shouldn’t this be “out riding”, because he is def. not running

  • Patrick Labay 7 years ago
  • ThunderWindz 7 years ago

    not a stupid title… that is the reason why it got 1.3 mill views…

  • aakash sharma 7 years ago

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  • aziz jeli 7 years ago

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  • engasal 7 years ago


  • fallingstarvt123 7 years ago

    NASCAR is shit. American crap

  • ih8momjokes1 7 years ago

    ok so a professional baseball pitcher would also be a professional quarter back right? NOPE AND I WONDER WHY…

  • ChristopherJSica 7 years ago

    superb video

  • Thierry Kamette 7 years ago

    NASCAR IsraΓ«l crap, it IsraΓ«l a merry go round for peuple witloof balls

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    NASCAR is pretty cool to watch for a few laps, after the first couple of laps though, people start driving like babies. you get some of the champions who have a cry because another guy is faster than them and the faster racer will get sidechecked into a wall or into the infield. If you got rid of a few of the drivers, nascar would be a better category with better racing

  • Thunderingdaekness 7 years ago

    I want to see one of these guys vs the police in a high speed chase is any one with me I. This

  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    Doubt it, I’ve never even watched NASCAR.

  • Ben Cilantro 7 years ago

    You are one of the hicks troy’s talking about…


    Nascar is some high speed, high power, close, intense racing that would require a fair bit of skill. I just get fucking bored of seeing them go round and round.

  • jman9900 7 years ago

    bike popping flames @ 2:05 haha

  • UnitedStatesOfSpange 7 years ago

    2:07-2:09 one of those two. lol

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    You’re an idiot. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Andretti is one of the best fucking drivers ever born and he was american. I actually like all forms of racing, not just NASCAR. I’m talking physics when I say that wet tyres don’t work. Also, THERE IS ZERO VISIBILITY. Even slicks shred after a couple of laps, and before you fucking go on about Europe have a look at when F1 raced at indy, ~6 laps and that was in the dry…

  • meetsouder 7 years ago

    I have to be honest here, Im just as impressed with the camera man’s skill of holding the bike in the center of the frame so well.

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    100 pitstop in a race…. did u ever watched a serious racing league and took a look at how pitstop works?I actually think ure beeing a REDNECK πŸ™‚ u might live somewhere in the south of the USA πŸ™‚ ?? I smell Redneck !! am i right πŸ™‚

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    u know whats bad for the psectator: 500 Laps on an ovall circuit…. Welcome to shitty NASCAR..!

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    LACK OF PROFFESIONALITY i’d Say, nothing to do with hate!!! Sry Fanboy, u might like this redneck-show but it aint serious racing, FACT!Furthermore your Argumentation towards wet fans and the use of tire on wet tracks is just SuperDuper Bullshit XD “but wet tyres dont seem to agree with ovals at all”–> so wet racing tyres no good on a specially build racing track – Incapable Murican Enginneers maybe? Or just too dumb do race Drivers ^^?–> 150 murican Driver in f1, Non ever won XD !!

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    You’re just choosing something to hate on and doing so in the dumbest way possible. NASCAR DO start in the wet. they aren’t afraid of it. they just only start in the wet on ROAD. COURSES. Oval races, NASCAR or otherwise, do not start in wet conditions. The infield circuits are fine, but wet tyres don’t seem to agree with ovals at all. Don’t compare oval to road, that’s as stupid as comparing F1 to rally. or the TT to NASCAR…

  • 86gtforme 7 years ago

    most of the drivers are actually very good they just choose a retarded job.

  • MrTerrific197 7 years ago

    you wont see any chicken strips with these guys… unless its on their plate.

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    take a look at how other racing league are handling the tire and rain issue my friend πŸ˜‰ so why can thex handle it and NASCAR dont? Lack of proffessionality/Passion/sportiness XD?

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    I would argue that’s a childish opinion. There is a massive following for NASCAR, including people who just enjoy racing. I’ll watch NASCAR if it’s on TV, along with just about any motorsport that happens to be on. I like racing. I do not like talking down to people because then enjoy something that I don’t. that’s just being a fanboy

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    spectators are what keeps NASCAR alive. that’s why there’s advertising, derp. you get mist clouds that hand around in the oval and the fans cant see a thing. The sponsors don’t want that. Also, there is no escaping the fact that wet tyres disintegrate after a couple of laps due to cornering loads. there’s no point in having a 100 pit stop race, is there?

  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    You’re such a tool. Some people like NASCAR, some people like the TT, some people like both. What about those guys who RUN around a track, are they dumb too? I’m pretty sure any NASCAR driver can easily comprehend the skill, talent and balls that these guys posses and would be the first to commend them on it.

  • Vicodin Wizard 7 years ago

    Um………when was the point when he outran the copter ?

  • Kyle Gerfen 7 years ago

    I would argue that driving around in circles for 500 laps is what’s bad for the spectators

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    haha, becuase of spectators and tires they dont race in the rain?? iv never heard such a bad excusion!! how about pitstops?? or just bringin a raincoat or umbrella…. but yeah since ist not a Sport u cant await such proffesionality (from the raceteams and fans)! lol, bercause it would be bad for spectators, tssssstss, and how again u want thi to be a aport hehehe ^^

  • jgx421 7 years ago

    helicopter seemed to have kept up just fine… dumb title

  • Jimmy Conway 7 years ago

    Fuck You sir!! πŸ˜€

  • Jimmy Conway 7 years ago

    They compete directly with each other because there is not challenge in running ovals yeah F1 is all about computers i prefer that to full throttle all the fucking race can’t take a right or make gear changes real racing yeah sure

  • David Steck 7 years ago

    so……? he never lost the helicopter

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    Actually the don’t race in the rain because it’s bad for spectators and wet tyres would disintegrate after a couple of laps around an oval, not because they’re afraid of the wet. I would also add that on the road courses, they DO start in the wet. Sorry to spoil your whole macho man thing…

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    Neither. they do different things. I don’t know how any of this is relevant. This is the TT, not F1 or NASCAR.

  • Bensaves 7 years ago

    NASCAR is real racing. It’s just a different kind or racing than road racing. They compete directly with each other, whereas a road racer has to beat the track first. They’re just different, that’s it. People like you who say oval racing is less “real” than road racing are pathetic. they are completely different things. That’s like comparing F1 to fucking group B rally and saying “RALLY IS BETTARZ” NASCAR is more pure than F1 will ever be again. F1 is now just computers v computers.

  • MalandroNY 7 years ago

    Guy Martin for president ! Vote now

  • kallianke 7 years ago

    Beutiful music to a beutiful video clip.

  • nitramster 7 years ago

    Because that’s all they do? Anyone will excell with practice. How come you never see NASCAR drivers excell in F1? goes both ways. Congrats for calling someone a “stupid cunt” on the internet tough guy.

  • grainer139 7 years ago

    Jimmy Conway once again I’m not a NASCAR fan but how come when you take a f1 driver out of his aerodynamically perfect wedge and put him behind the wheel of a stock car he’s a middle of the pack guy….just shut up you stupid cunt drive your minivan and pretend you know something….your a joke just another troll trying to make yourself feel relevant in a big boy conversation

  • Jimmy Conway 7 years ago

    and Nascar guys will be destroyed by any other real driver

  • bob john 7 years ago

    these guys ride with a badass death wish and a huge pair of balls

  • Raging gamer 7 years ago

    NASCAR vs F-1.. Who do you think are the better drivers ?

  • Budd Hudd 7 years ago


  • troy elliott 7 years ago

    all nascar drivers could do is stand there…get more fat..maybe get the TT racers a soda….

  • Pierre Weber 7 years ago

    NASCAR is not a Sport lol – again and again XD! they dont even start when ist raining, so non of them has actually experience on wet tracks….Nascar Driver doenst have any balls, they are just missing a brain – might be in murica the same Thing but not on the rest of the world πŸ˜‰

  • NpGattynha 7 years ago

    Guy Martin is best

  • iwasadeum 7 years ago

    Another hick comparing two completely different sports. First off, the majority of NASCAR drivers have experience in open-wheels. Obviously there isn’t a single sport in the world (besides maybe bear hunting with a spear ;)) that comes close to the intensity of this race. But to say somebody who races around an oval at 200 mph with a very loose car being ripped back and forth by aerodynamics while inches away from other cars doesn’t have any balls? That’s plain ignorance.

  • Adambrew 7 years ago

    I’m a firefighter and its a tough job sometimes but when I see these videos I want my mummy to stroke my hair while I cry into her bosom.

  • Jim Ronin 7 years ago

    i think Tom Hanks will be ok for John McGuinness role forTT Closer to the Edge second movie.

  • stony9974 7 years ago

    would it be nice to see the motogp guys on that track with gp bikes πŸ™‚

  • stony9974 7 years ago

    if you think you got balls ….:-) take a look @ the tt legends πŸ™‚ FULL RESPECT!!!!

  • Bayu Elwiyandi 7 years ago

    cameraman : “I have no idea which angle I have to take”

  • rkr0923 7 years ago

    On the same token they can’t jump in a NASCAR and keep up either

  • mark l 7 years ago

    I was gonna ask the same thing i had a race last week at the track, just a simple 3 lap circuit race, first time in a 700whp car, i had some music like this playing in the car, instant relaxation, its like the vehicle just forms to you. or its the adrenaline rush

  • Don Land 7 years ago

    What is that music? Excellent. I race and that is what it feels like in my head when I am having a good race. It is like meditation.

  • motanelustelistu 7 years ago

    Well you outrun something,especially when we talk about a police chooper,you outrun it like in this scene goo(.)gl/0fCgUa not only in putting a decent distance between you but dissapear from its field of view.Here he only hides from the FOV in a slip of a moment.

  • adznz11 7 years ago

    What does that prove are you retarded? its true i love Guy hes an amazing rider but he is still yet to win a tt race. I really hope he does god dam deserves it. But McGuiness is the one to beat a perfect rider.

  • adznz11 7 years ago

    zoom lens not chopper

  • adznz11 7 years ago

    I think for the seemingly challenged of the lateral thought process here i think its pretty clear that if the bike was running against the chopper and not the super zoom arial cam and the fact he does a circuit around the chopper then yes he would be out running it.

  • adznz11 7 years ago

    Absolute tunneling of the vision. You would really only be seeing about 100 mtrs in front at all times everything inside that range or outside your focus point wouldn’t exist quite simply.

  • adznz11 7 years ago

    Yeah but…..hes so right. The very reason this race is the best in the world is that there is no money in it…its too dangerous for the money. This exists simply because its the only race in the world like it. In this day and age of health and safty and nana laws it has survived. It is the most pure race left in the world. This is where real core racers come to test themselves. Not to buy their groceries.

  • oOqIpOo 7 years ago

    Out run a Heli… Not

  • T Hatch 7 years ago

    Okay guys, enough with the “big balls” jokes. They’re beginning to drive everyone nuts!

  • alpha11ish 7 years ago

    I agree,nascar is for pros and there wages show that…

  • alpha11ish 7 years ago

    there is no point in being good unless your the good doesn’t win races being the best does.guy martin make up your mind are you a truck mechanic or a tt cant be both..