How to out run a helicopter on a GSXR 1000 Superbike by Guy Martin


The Epic

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  • khazimelkhazim 7 years ago

    Its brain wash me

  • seanleek27 7 years ago

    The songs by m83 by the kiss 🙂

  • badgern100 7 years ago

    Brilliant… what a rider!

  • Fluticus 7 years ago


  • sksinha1 7 years ago

    Unbelievable ski

  • VictorSobakus 7 years ago

    Perfect soundtrack.

  • MusicalManchild77 7 years ago

    Beautiful Footage and scenery going by at the speed of Light…..This guy is Amazing and one of my Favorites!! 2013 IS his year!

  • Oli Walker 7 years ago

    Could you please tell us all what music you used?! Thanks.

  • Ryan Schanno 7 years ago

    @2:05 his bike was spitting flames!

  • AmityIsland75 7 years ago

    Good song – sounds like Deadmau5?

  • woof meow 7 years ago


  • Joshua James 7 years ago

    No more Tyco for Guy? Damn, I’ve been slippin’!

  • Joshua James 7 years ago

    Quamcelerrime, I just sold my 650r, and trust me, it’s a bike you will never regret owning!

  • QuamCelerrime 7 years ago

    I really thought I was gonna get a simple, sensible Ninja 650 for my next bike. Now I’m tempted to grab a CBR600RR and go nuts.

  • Ciderboy4646 7 years ago

    Guy Martin, a true gent and legend! 2013 is your year mate! Head down bubble up! Much love x

  • Craig Bennett 7 years ago


  • DezibelTV 7 years ago

    136 people were in the hard orgasm, a heart attack

  • Olly Killick 7 years ago

    Why has this man not won a TT yet!?! This year, 2013, HAS to be Guy Martin’s year.

  • MitritchUa 7 years ago

    Fantastic work by both heli pilot and cameraman!

  • giorgiog01 7 years ago

    surprised his balls fitted on that bike

  • Prem Krishna Chettri 7 years ago

    2:08. Nitrous Ignition …

  • ryandonian 7 years ago

    I don’t think he’s making that assumption. He is merely saying that Harley riders are getting butthurt because the only function they have is converting gasoline into noise.

  • corinful 7 years ago

    I really hope Guy can win the Superbike race this year for himself and for Suzuki.

  • i think the poster meant to say “It’s black and White and stupid fast”

  • sebastianzx6r 7 years ago

    I’d like it,thanks.

  • bpm1305 7 years ago

    :LOL: Harley rider FAIL !! :)))

  • Luna Motors 7 years ago

    Name song?

  • Eric B 7 years ago

    How is he passing those guys like they’re standing still?

  • iRoxproductions 7 years ago

    I’m no harley rider, but Harleys are cruisers not racing bikes…

  • WhoDatNatn 7 years ago

    they’re both flying…

  • alex gutierrez 7 years ago

    uchh esa moto corre mucho .. dios mio.. mis respetos al conductor

  • KerryDoan 7 years ago


  • Gothic Knight 7 years ago

    Laughing my ass off hahahahahaha freaking hilarious 😀

  • Ryan Hat 7 years ago

    why the fuck would you dislike this

  • gweflj 7 years ago

    Just fucking mega isn’t it? Downvotes and neg comments are by people not fit to wipe this guys arse. It’s another fucking world to what you think is fast.

  • eVCephei 7 years ago

    Beautiful :’)

  • lewis17200 7 years ago

    with balls that big i bet he has problems walking.

  • Some people just cant enjoya) slow music. b) Bikes c) countryside d) Bike blasting through the countryside with slow music as bgm(which I would say in general; all the above).

  • The Hobbits LOL

  • etsetsetsets23 7 years ago

    he is using time travel to accomplish this

  • WarmothGuitarist 7 years ago

    Takes more than a few laps of practice to learn enough about the IOM in order to survive it…much less be competitive. Some of these guys like Martin and McGuniness have said it took them years to learn all the nuances of the course. Nuances like dips, bumps, low traction spots, high traction spots, walls, trees, visual distractions, cross winds, etc… Combine that with the speed, adrenaline, and fear of highly-possible death…and it takes more than just a MotoGP racer to compete.

  • David Scraggs 7 years ago

    Holy shit I just laughed my ass off! hahahaha

  • Julien Leus 7 years ago

    hahaha , nice one !

  • native pride 7 years ago

    Wow he is a monster!

  • seanexup1000 7 years ago

    I agree TT riders are stuff made of legends and hats off to them i wish i could do what they do.. But i dont think MotoGP riders are allowed for insurance reasons to race the TT! If they were allowed to do it and lets say Rossi or Marquez or any of the top 18 GP riders were given a few laps to practice i would put my money on them, after all they are to of the game

  • stevencassie80 7 years ago

    truly beautiful. he looks so fluent throughout……he appears to be the most down to earth, modest individual i have come across. racing for nothing else than the pure enjoyment. love everything about this man. 133 dislikes?……what is there not to like?

  • Nut Turbo 7 years ago

    133 people try to make a lightsaber

  • Rick Rosas 7 years ago

    Did anyone else notice the face on the trees on the right side of the screen from 3:11 to 3:16 weird lol.

  • Kent Kollath 7 years ago

    looks sooo fun

  • peter griffin 7 years ago

    lol a harldy rider wouldn’t have watched this video. especially because this is shown from watching cop killers and street racers, I was just watching a police brutality clip! I was expecting something way different!!!! slow. boring. a lot of nothing, infact the uneducated person would probably not even notice this bike was probably going around 200

  • Jose Díaz 7 years ago

    2:28 *disappears in a sonic boom leaving only brake marks of fire!

  • Jose Díaz 7 years ago

    131 dislikes? Must be a bunch of bitches!

  • andy kane 7 years ago

    I doubt it, those bundles of junk are no quicker than a 1 litre jap bike and do not go around corners. boss Hoss is NOT a harley

  • GeneralBadAss17 7 years ago

    a boss hoss harley. 700hp corvette engines in them

  • Dave M 7 years ago

    I must be missing something…just where did the Helicopter get outrun?

  • colin Iandola 7 years ago

    If youtube gold existed I would give it to you.

  • Antipodean33 7 years ago

    Isle of Man race?

  • yolksterable 7 years ago

    lol yea d78 he gonna lap himself lmao

  • darkenner78 7 years ago

    If he just went a little faster he would be time travelling.

  • andy kane 7 years ago

    I doubt a Harley driveable would last long enough without falling to bits to be outrun by a toddler.

  • andy kane 7 years ago

    what kind of harley do you ride that sees an r6 behind you?

  • marco Scognamiglio 7 years ago

    lol I ride a harley and I never see tricycles 😉 only my buddies R6 behind me. Granted he can’t ride….BUT Not all the Harley guys are idiots…I also ride a Ducati. Just diffrent bikes for diffrent rides!

  • patriotlawman1 7 years ago

    Damn, I need to get a 250. Technically, my bike can do this. Hello my name is….I am a squid.

  • jjamazing1 7 years ago

    And that is how you are supposed to ride a GSXR

  • runmvp 7 years ago

    Fearless? Fear gets outrunned when Guy’s riding.

  • seveney 7 years ago

    This fucker is fearless

  • dave smith 7 years ago

    How they all laughed ,when i admited it was me that had ,gaffe taped guys hand to the throttle.

  • amhelloface1969 7 years ago

    Wow wow wow

  • delmarco 7 years ago

    Fairly inspired song choice.

  • woof meow 7 years ago

    WHAT SONG!?!

  • ryandonian 7 years ago

    This shit is fucking insane. I will never have testicles big enough to do this. I heavily respect anyone who does the Isle of Man TT.

  • Spudly1234567 7 years ago


  • MrScarysbro 7 years ago


  • nefariouzblaze 7 years ago

    2:05 dat flame

  • nawlyns504 7 years ago

    poetry in motion

  • picassoplasterers 7 years ago

    I miss David Jeffery’s and hislop

  • jonnoel0 7 years ago

    Yeah kid….I suppose you’ve been to the TT races, right? I go almost every year. I would bet they use more than 10 throughout the whole event. Speaking of potatoes, you might want to check yourself, since you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • p097744969 7 years ago

    love the flames popin out wen drops down from 6th to 4th @ 2:07

  • TxStYlE4AwHiLe 7 years ago

    Not this guy!! What a boss man

  • Harvey Highsmith 7 years ago

    How could you not like this video. Like heaven to me!

  • The900Triumphrider 7 years ago

    127 dislikes? Must be Harley riders used to being outrun by toddlers on tricycles.

  • MakeMeBreakfastFast 7 years ago

    This road is majestic

  • stvitiusdance 7 years ago

    …ho, allora, la musica di chi è?

  • James Turbyfill 7 years ago

    0:00 to 3:53 -stares at screen with mouth open and in awe.

  • masterofbattery 7 years ago

    absolutely incredible

  • miyaaaaw 7 years ago

    so smooth he made it look easy

  • WarmothGuitarist 7 years ago

    I don’t know if I’d conclude to that, when you have guys like McGuiness and the Dunlop family winning a lot of those TT races.I will, however, say that Guy Martin is by far the most charismatic rider of them all…and one of the most fearless. And, if not for competing against the likes of John McGuiness and the Dunlops, he’d have a lot of TT titles himself. I hope he wins multiple TT titles before he retires. Lord knows the man deserves it.

  • storytheshorty 7 years ago

    Can we conclude Guy is the “most impressive & talented” person to ever race a motorcycle?

  • dinomagic 7 years ago

    music to my eyes

  • SaveMeSteak 7 years ago

    Imagine if the wheel bearings lock up.

  • john larson 7 years ago

    lol and then a car backed out of there driveway

  • 67mustangreg 7 years ago

    ultimate freedom right there

  • tikiduck 7 years ago

    He IS the machine.

  • Trackstar2211 7 years ago

    Pure Zen…how is this possible.

  • Wonpi P 7 years ago


  • Marc Hauge 8 years ago

    Looks almost serene from the air…

  • Dimitri Boris 8 years ago
  • George Ferreira 8 years ago

    Watch Guy Martin in the TT. It’s mesmerizing to see this amazing guy riding his bike with beautiful music

  • Dylan Harrington 8 years ago

    This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Also, Sexy Time @ 3:37… 😮

  • Motorcycles: photos & videos 8 years ago

    He is amazing rider. #Guy #Martin

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