This is my video submission to Royal Jordanian‘s competition for the motorbike hand mitts.
I don’t actually want the mitts, but thought it would be fun to take part.

Fun …… 😯

If you beat my time then I’ll send you a free sticker and I’ll also donate $50 to the DBA foundation as Championed by fellow motovlogger Bran7701 (

If you try and fail, then please donate $5-10 to Bran7701 for the effort 😀

This was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever put myself through on purpose.
I knew I had a fairly high tolerance for pain, but this was a lot more immediate than I was expecting.

I was using one large ‘party pack’ of ice and enough water to cover the ice and let it float.
My hands were fully submerged up to about 3″ over my wrists and one knuckle from each hand was touching the bottom of the bucket.I was swirling the water to make sure it stayed as cold as possible throughout the challenge.

NB: I take no responsibility for anyone trying this. You take on the challenge at your own risk.


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