Sorry in advance for all the swearing and sorry there’s no “Whaddup People?” greeting – I hadn’t planned on making a vlog on this ride.

I’d popped out on the bike to relax, go for a nice ride and do a quick set-up test to make sure the camera mount worked with the full GoPro cover on it rather than just the frame mount that I normally use. Nice and relaxing ride …..
Then it started to rain and everyone started driving like assholes.

In the end I had to put the bike away as it was just a matter of time before one of them tagged me.

Exaggeration maybe?
I counted 10 or so examples of bad driving in only 20 minutes …… and I ended in RAGE Overload.

I’m normally happy-go-lucky – until people try and drive into me. Then the DarkWeem makes an appearance.

I don’t actually care about people pulling out or making mistakes as we all do it. It’s an inherent human trait.
But what does f*ck me off is people not apologising for their mistakes. It’s as if they don’t care about anyone else but themselves.

Makes me want to punch them in the head (Raaar!)