I’ve ridden road bikes forever….. forever ever.
Well, that’s not strictly true. I’ve had my share of holiday scooters and even before that, the first motorbike that I slung my leg over was a 2-stroke MX bike for an iffy 2 minute 1st-gear wobble down a country lane when I was about 12 or so.
Hooked 🙂

I always wanted to try MX riding ever since I went to a dirt track on my BMX as a nipper and was exhausted before I got halfway round.
“There must be an easier way” thought a mini-Weem. If only I could strap a motor to this thing then it would be perfect.

Meanwhile guys were drifting and hopping past on their BMX’s.
Bastids 😀

Fast forward to today and this is my first ever proper go at riding an off-road bike.
KTM’s 350 SX-F MX bike straight out the crate, but restricted so we don’t kill ourselves 😀

I’d been looking around for places to go for a basic “everything is supplied” motocross experience for ages. Something a bit like the Ron Haslam race school where they provide the bikes, leathers, helmets and tuition, you just need to turn up, but I never found an equivalent for off-road riding.

…. and then I saw the 44Teeth review of the KTM Experience.
I got on that shit so fast that the phone receiver was still spinning before their video ended (link below).

It was booked up well in advance, but I got the last space and it was just before my birthday, so my g/f paid half as my prezzy 🙂
(Thank you Shmoo :* )

So, where the 44Teeth video has a lot of talking about the experience and some bike talk and general faffery, this is more of an “in-the-moment” riding around the track from a complete novice perspective and as I get more confident with the bike moving and jumping.

At the end of the day, only 2 things were hurting.
My hands and my laugh muscles 😀 It was a f*ckin riot 😀

If you’d like to have a go, links are below.
Tell ’em Weem send you 🙂


KTM Experience:

44 Teeth Blog:
44 Teeth Video:


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