Thanks go out to the lovely peeps at Bahnstormer (Alton) for letting me test ride their new BMW S1000RR demonstrator bike.

I was hoping for great things, but I was left feeling ….. a bit underwhelmed :/
To sum it up ….. its seriously fast …. but bland.

On a plus note though, one of the best things that came from my test ride was a greater appreciation of just how good, well rounded and easy the FireWeem is to ride.
And it sounds and looks better too (imho)

The BMW is, however, an amazing combination of engineering and technology combined and the performance is nothing short of phenomenal. In fact, it’s probably the fastest dealer bike you can get for the road or track at the moment, but all the electrics that is has added to keep you safe disconnects you from it and removes a lot of rider involvement – and so it’s just … not … fun.

I felt like I could jump off half way through and it would carry on the test ride without me
(probably do a better job too 😀 )

Sure you can switch off a lot of the trick electronics to make it more fun, but in doing so you’re matching the abilities of bikes that are £3000 cheaper.
It kinda defeats the point of the bike. It’s what makes it so capable and unique in the market.

But the quickshifter …. oh-my-god the quickshitter.
As far as I know, it’s the only factory bike at the moment that has a down blipper, and it works pretty well, but the upshift….. shoot me know.

It starts to works properly once you are up in the revs, but after 1st gear you’re in speeding ticket territory.
It makes sense on the track, but it’s too inconsistent to be user friendly on a daily commute or weekend riding about town or on slower country lanes.

If I was to buy one, the first thing I’d do is get rid of the quickshifter.
He seemed bemused  😀



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