More random stuff to start a new year 🙂
Sorry the format is crap. The GoProH2 reset itself to its default resolution (980×1280)

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  • MrJiffy1078 8 years ago

    Cracking Video! Shame I’m 6 months late though! Bugger!

  • Its2AMinthemorning 8 years ago

    Nice video! Would like to see more (^▽^)

  • Its2AMinthemorning 8 years ago

    I don’t need no speed, noI don’t need no heroin, no thanksI don’t want no coke, not todayYou can keep your ketamine, yeahI’m a bassline junkie, what?I’m a bassline junkie, tell them againI’m a bassline junkie, tell them againAnd I like it funky