An unusually a ranty wee vid from me today as I ride through some country lanes … at rush hour.

The roads in the UK aren’t great at the best of times and I accidentally found a couple of badly signed + surfaced ones on my travels.

I also did a “edited highlights” filter through rush hour traffic to prove how pointless it is that some countries made filtering illegal.
It saves fuel, eases congestion and gives us an efficient alternative to sitting on the heat of the day cooking our asses off and going nowhere.

Yea … it bugs me why some countries don’t let you do it 👿
But I can, so …. 😀

aaaaaand relax … 😎


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  • ShawnRector 5 years ago

    Do a track day

  • G.I.B 5 years ago

    Don’t know how but I’m glad I stumbled across your channel. You’ve got a sub man.

  • InsideOver 5 years ago

    I almost cut my wrists after 10-15 minutes of traffic in the morning… if I had to live everyday like that it would be called… the drive of the thousand deaths! 😛

  • bakerXderek 5 years ago

    Come ride my San Bernarghetto roads 😉

  • CalmBiker 5 years ago

    Hate those road surfaces (I hesitate to call them surfaces). Everywhere around here at the moment.Interesting argument over a lane at 1:35.

  • Samurai H 5 years ago

    I had that kind of road once when going to work and it is not fun at allRoads are soooooo bad around my ends there are Huge holes from the rainy days and so far no one decided to fix them so looks like im doing a slalom on the way to work everyday lolNice filteringThumbs up

  • Mike Griffiths 5 years ago

    WEeeeeeeeemmm I’ve been raging for weeks about the lazy, inconsiderate way roads are currently being surfaced. I f I see them doing it I’m getting my hulk on

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    Smoove moves…and glad u Understand ‘our’ pain (AZ, USA)”Hello there, Ugly”LMAO !!!

  • Skeggy Cruiser 5 years ago

    I had a similar problem the other month, riding into the sun and all of a sudden there’s a sign and a mound of gravel, I don’t mind saying I shit myself! lol, wow that’s an awfully large queue of traffic Weeem! RSM8.

  • Chillibob Bob 5 years ago

    Yep I’m one of those old jaw droppers and I ride a fireblade and will continue to do so until I fall off.

  • NeloAngeloBiker 5 years ago

    I fucking HATE that gravelly “Resurface” bullshit! it’s so bloody crap!It’s just because councils can’t be arsed to do a proper resurface because that would cost time and money.Pricks./rant

  • Beaver 314 5 years ago

    haha that old people bit was hilarious :p

  • The Crumble 5 years ago

    That’s gravel shit is everywhere up here…cheap solution with no thought for those on two wheels! The south looks like hell man!!

  • ninjanelly350 5 years ago

    Glad I don’t live near you Weeem, bloody traffic!

  • SpinyBiker 5 years ago

    Guaranteed way to spoil a good ride out is coming across a chipped road 🙁 but being able to filter past all that traffic makes up for it! :o)

  • Quentin Redbeard 5 years ago

    Haha, I’m 2:14 in and I’m feeling in danger… and I’m not even riding 😮

  • ratman159 5 years ago

    Now that’s one hell of a traffic jam

  • mrsparkyaprilia 5 years ago

    I had a similar experience. Went over a brow of a hill and suddenly chippings all over the road. Managed to stand the bike up slow down before a sharp right hander. No warning signs, no nothing! Dangerous stuff for bikes. Not to mention the stone chips on the fairings!

  • busa black 5 years ago

    As the old saying goes, buy a bike and you buy freedom. Never a video shows that to be true than this.Ride safe my fellow jock.

  • Out For A Blast 5 years ago

    How putting gravel down constitutes resurfacing I will never know!

  • Lurch OnABike 5 years ago

    They’ve done a lot of that grit stuff around Squires cafe. It’s a lazy cheap way of resurfacing and it doesn’t last either. They’ve even done it on a main A road.

  • MarshDonky 5 years ago

    EF Vaughn doesn’t have a massive amount of runners so if you could easily find out what your glue factory friends name is.ENTER FILMING DATE BELOW 😉

  • Gra Ward 5 years ago

    My dad used to say you could tell that a general election was near when a lot of the roads got resurfaced

  • Joshua Whitman 5 years ago

    in the usa where i live i dont have to deal with traffic

  • SouthernFried Tom 5 years ago

    Fuck me that road is utter shite. There’s quite a few like that around Berks. Back road from Thatcham to Kingsclear is totaly buggery, my bumhole twitches like a rabbits nose when cornering. How’s the new job going?

  • TheFruitcake 5 years ago

    soo satisfying to just fly by allll that shit.

  • Jeenius IAMa 5 years ago

    a few staates in the US recently allowed filtering. california for example. i would like to see some central european countrys allow filtering, the only one i know about are the netherlands…

  • Jay Artisan 5 years ago

    Nearly lost it yesterday….2 new tyres and 60mph into this crappy gravel, why was the 1st warning sign 250 yards away? Devon is completely littered with gravel and 15mph skid signs…sadly in all the wrong places….Lazy cheap ass councils, which is fine unless your on 2 wheels…Grrrr and breathe….

  • The Gentleman Biker 5 years ago

    What was causing all that traffic? Not just volume surely? That would be soul destroying sitting in that every day!

  • CaptainCranky 5 years ago

    Glue Factory?? You big meanie!!LOL – bad roads? Pffft… you need to watch some of my vids to see bad roads ;-)Traffic, though… you have got me there.Ride safe mate 🙂

  • Tom Hill 5 years ago

    They are doing these roads all over Lincolnshire lately I’ve noticed aswell. Fecking ridiculous.

  • purklefluff 5 years ago

    hey weem. what’s that clip from during your intro? sounds familiar…

  • TooProHD | Graphics 5 years ago

    Sucks to be that horse hes probably in the gummy bears im eating xD

  • Nathan Barley 5 years ago

    At least 1 person sat in that traffic must have said FUCK IT I’M GETTIN A BIKE!

  • Hepcat Harley 5 years ago

    Did that oncoming Range Rover make you twitch at 4:50? I know it would have done me, they never move over 😉 tcrs

  • FlyingDutchman 5 years ago

    2 saves in a day the road wasnt nice to you bad road 😛

  • sjbali 5 years ago

    oh damn i hate roads like that, but the filtering made up for it doe, nice !

  • Ethan Senior 5 years ago

    Feeling smug about just zipping past all the traffic! It’s a satisfying feeling when you do that:) Those roads looked like hell to ride on but at least you were laughing about it! I be swearing if that was me! Awesome Video:)

  • linny919 5 years ago

    Did they not have the same traffic jams back when they drove the horse and carriage ? How did you not see that canyon in the road , i was like oh were going down .

  • matthew wyatt 5 years ago

    how do those people do it omg lok

  • Bryce Piper 5 years ago

    Out here in California we can filter. Im not sure I’d commute on my bike if we couldn’t.

  • SKiNt Biker 5 years ago

    Can you not sleep or something?Says me, obviously I’m still awake…Jeez… I’m stepping away from this conversation before I get into more trouble :-)Ride Safe 🙂

  • SheriffHD 5 years ago

    I hate that stuff, All my favourite roads are now off limits untill they are ridable again. It sucked because The only fun thing about a 125 bike is that you can alot of fun in corners with em but now I have to take the dual carriageways which are long boring and slow because my bike cant get past 60mph with my fat arse on it.

  • pipnmaz 5 years ago

    I hate that crappy loose chipping road surface. It seems like councils all over the country have so much of that shit spare they’re just throwing it down all over without warning. There was a huge stretch of it between my house and my work and although it only wend down a few weeks ago it’s worn away already and the road underneath is full of pot holes now. What a massive waste of money, and dangerous too. Rant over 🙂

  • Dan1ukDSJN 5 years ago

    What are you doing uploading videos at this time Weem?

  • Kurguz z 5 years ago

    haha great vid ! just subbed a couple days ago !