This is the original burnout footage I made to use in my channel trailer.
Filmed on private land with permission

I recorded the footage with the Hero3 black at 720p @ 120fps for smooth 4x slomo shredding and used the Hero2 on the helmet to record the audio. I could have put the Hero 2 in my jacket, but I kept it on as this is how you see me when I’m out vlogging 🙂

In the end I used the footage at 1/2 speed (~60fps) as 1/4 speed was too slow 🙂
If I knew that, I would have recorded it at 1080 ….. d’oh!

The reason the audio clips a few times is because I had to cover the bits where I was shouting “Come closer” to my g/f 🙂

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  • LOL show me some worthy research, like SENS, and I will begin to “buck up” ” Many neuroscientists are skeptical ”When even them can realize it, then you better worry. =)When you dont need me to wake you up, some major BS must be going on…

  • People who keep saying what a wuss Jaime is should stop and think. This boy is carrying around more weight than most of you could even lift. He’s been this obese for years, ergo his shape is pathetic. Also, obesity makes your body dysfunctional in more ways than just power and agility – your internal organs are weak, your hormones are all over the place and so on and so forth. It’s easy to judge him sitting and watching it, but not many of you can actually imagine what it’s like to be that fat.

  • HeiHvordan er det Ã¥ løpe intensivt om morgenen før frokost? Bør jeg spise først? Har hørt at muskelnedbrytningen øker ved høyintesiv trening pÃ¥ tom mage. Stemmer dette?Hva med evt Ã¥ jogge rolig istedet? Er ikke frokostmenneske!

  • Stealth Rider 5 years ago

    A weeem-away, haha. What are you doing to that poor tire?

  • Awesome Possum 5 years ago

    Not bad 😉

  • ninjanelly350 5 years ago

    Glad you removed ya balls wee man! Are you sponsored by Pirelli/Dunlop now then Weem?

  • Borbely Tamas 5 years ago

    i know it’s not gonna be a popular comment, but isn’t it a completely meaningless waste of perfectly good and bloody expensive tires? I mean if you did at least some smoke signals you know… 😛 (sorry… please don’t hate me 🙂 )

    • # 35Akurat sam Tobin proponowaÅ‚ 0.5%.Już od dawna trzeba być kompletnym idiotÄ… żeby dostać Nobla z ekonomii.Przypominam dwóch ostatnich:Krugman – postulujÄ…cy potrojenie amerykaÅ„skiego stimullusa, odradzajÄ…cy Grekom oszczÄ™dnoÅ›ci, protestujÄ…cy przeciwko temu że „budżetowe jastrzÄ™biÄ™ zawÅ‚aszczajÄ… obecny kryzys”.A ostatnio ci zawodnicy co udowadniajÄ… że wÅ‚asność wspólna jest lepiej zarzÄ…dzania niż prywatna.

  • 33WingNuts 5 years ago

    Nicely done!

  • fman nottingham 5 years ago

    Skills my man

  • DEVON MELON 5 years ago

    didn’t realise you smoked weeem.