My poor wee GoPro Hero3 is broken 🙁

I’ve recently had problems with the GoPro corrupting video footage, not recording anything, corrupting files (which I was able to repair) and having some issues with the audio dropping or going out of sync.

I originally got the Hero3 back in December 2012, so it was among the first run of cameras that GoPro released.
The issues have really only shown themselves since the V3 firmware was released and it’s possible that the firmware has knackered the camera – or there are components in the 1st gen cameras that aren’t working properly today.

Either way – I spoke with GoPro and they quickly said to send it back to them and they’re replace it with a brand new camera.

Which got me thinking……. should I send them a couple of quid and ask to have a 3+ in return …. or perhaps look at the Drift cameras as an alternative?