Here it is, Monday night, and we are back at it. If you want to join the panel (AND ARE A MOTOVLOGGER) send me a private message on FB or here, or wherever. If you want to ask questions and join in on the conversation, click the “join in on the conversation” link once the hangout has started.

IF you are a hater, and want to be heard, tonight is your chance. I will even put you on the panel to rant if you want. I can’t guarantee you’ll stay…
anyway, come on in, take a load off and relax, it’s Monday Night


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  • partagasblack 6 years ago

    Love it!

  • Stealth 6 years ago

    Story time w/ Ramekin.

  • Dan Motovlogs 6 years ago

    Idk if you are reading the chat… but hey everyone :)Couldn’t make it today, just saying hi 😛

  • McGowRides 6 years ago

    I got here right when you were shutting it down. Damn it! I got to remember next week.

  • snow racer 6 years ago


  • sirryan 6 years ago

    I like bananas

  • SUB. DELINQUENT 6 years ago

    Haters? People crashing your hangout?

  • Rizzle Universe 6 years ago

    Sounds fun!!

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