(No Weem audio until 2h 20m into the live feed)
Streamed live on 19 Dec 2013
Come join in for ALL KINDS of fun 🙂


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  • joshua rugg 7 years ago

    add me to your next one. i got some hawaii stories

  • Jeremiahking101 7 years ago

    You LIKE the DUEL SPORT over the 636?!?!?!?!?! MADNESS!! lol

  • Mous559 7 years ago

    Hey Derek what are you doing march 22nd? There’s gonna be an amazing music festival and you should go 😀

  • iRideEnduro 7 years ago

    Hey Guys! I just Started Motovlogging, Come Check me out and Subscribe!

  • bikes-n bizquik 7 years ago


  • clubfed112 7 years ago

    this is some funny fucking shit.

  • kyle lee 7 years ago


  • iLoveNirvana 7 years ago

    Derek you should make keychains!!!!

  • mxrider_763 7 years ago

    wheres the riding vids ;/

  • ricejos01 7 years ago

    How to pickup a motorcycle without a truck

  • ricejos01 7 years ago

    if anyone want’s to know what chase’s face looks like go to the first video on chasein3d

  • Ben Smith 7 years ago

    Haha Yeah So good Cheers Guys. Love the vids Derek.

  • one of the best iive stream on the youtube. supporting bakerxderek

  • mnmotovlogger 7 years ago

    the worst part is i knew it was going on but i was at work during this so i had to wait till it was over to watch it then of coarse u cant comment on phones anymore which is utter bullshit but i watched the whole thing anyways haha hopefully i can get in the next one 😀

  • 6Foot4Honda 7 years ago

    Shit I keep missing these cause of work!!!!!!Next time I get a chance to join I’ll try the blue yeti again

  • Jojo Fang 7 years ago

    maybe somebody will pay for you to go to other countrys. you can make videos.

  • shinaanish 7 years ago

    I just have to say, you guys are really talented! I’ve been listening to Derek’s Hangout vids for the past few days and I’m impressed. You’re good!

  • iLoveNirvana 7 years ago

    god damnit i had stupid ass work i missed it

  • NinjaKhaos74 7 years ago

    That was fun as shit, looking forward to more you sick cunts. 🙂

  • Jaden Brake 7 years ago

    This livestream is brought to you by Analease!

  • CJinRealLife 7 years ago


  • kream2v 7 years ago

    haha i said sponsored by analease shoutout me derek!

  • JD Riding 7 years ago


  • turbouserwithnos 7 years ago

    get him some pads for his knees

  • alex taylor 7 years ago


  • Jaden Brake 7 years ago

    Derek remember greg!!!

  • Ch4os91 7 years ago


  • turbouserwithnos 7 years ago

    hes knees are sore

  • NinjaKhaos74 7 years ago

    Shutup red and take my 3rd sub

  • Luis Contreras 7 years ago

    power106 bullshited it

  • kream2v 7 years ago

    haha yes shoutout me i said that!

  • Ben Swoboda 7 years ago

    hes gettin tired of sucking dick

  • Luis Contreras 7 years ago

    its not true

  • Robbie Mehmen 7 years ago

    ddddddddeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk is the man

  • CJinRealLife 7 years ago

    Chase can at least Jump Deep Inside the live chat for just the tip!

  • Jeremy O'Neal 7 years ago

    Super shut the fuck up

  • Jaden Brake 7 years ago


  • Justin Radojkovic 7 years ago

    Why the dr 200

  • bakerXderek 7 years ago


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