New Akrapovic Race can = tunnel test
+ Trying out a new Textile jacket
+ Fixed the crappy GoPro audio so I can finally switch to a stereo mic.

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  • armadillo platypus 7 years ago

    Its a laser….nice.

  • buggybuilder99 8 years ago

    Haha pmsl at the guy whp asks whats that, its a lazer,its a satalite hahahaha

  • BritishBiker Matt 8 years ago

    enjoyed that. 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Ta 🙂

  • D3StiNYxHD 8 years ago

    The 6th Minute is way to funny 😀

  • Marek G 8 years ago

    great vlog mate. Subbed

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Sorry – I was riding naked (bottom half).It’s the noise my foreskin makes when flapping in the wind

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers Stan 🙂

  • nowtsmart . 8 years ago

    the low volume porn music in the background is irritating

  • s5stanley 8 years ago

    The mic set-up is great i can understand what your saying now! well almost, lolThat new can sounds fackin awesome, I’d like to blipp the FMF in that tunnel.

  • ktm dutchrudder 8 years ago

    I wanna play in your tunnel

  • Mica Ny 8 years ago

    first time i’m seeing a tunnel for bikes , nice !

  • JamBerryKing 8 years ago

    Its a laser. haha brill.

  • whoamiuk1 8 years ago

    Hahahahaha nice

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    BeepZap! BeepZap! 😀

  • 7hunted 8 years ago

    Good vid lad ! Nice tunnel rippin ! It’s a laser ! lol

  • vancouveride 8 years ago

    Didn’t notice will have to make another visit.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I had red cabbage tonight …. a whole different tunnel soundtrack … :os

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Yes …. unless it’s a top end jacket.This one needed a 2nd morgage.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Thanks Alfa :)The mic doesn’t really do it any justice, but you get the idea 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Must … not – make … girlfriend .. joke;) 😀

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Sounds like a plan 😉 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    “It’s a frikkin lazer” (no sharks tho….) 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers VR :)Did you see if they had any StarBars in that specialist confection shop over there? Way better than a DD 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Yea, I don’t ride much :os

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers Tel 🙂

  • Vader2Vader 8 years ago

    Tunnel sounds 😀

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I was only doing 30mph 😉

  • jabbaterry 8 years ago

    Good video it feels good watching a video with the roads I use.

  • MrFenwayfool 8 years ago

    Very nice. I guess if you live in England you learn to ride in the rain… or you don’t get to ride much!

  • vancouveride 8 years ago

    Please continue with the ass slapping. Its your Double Decker, a signature move that that lets us know we are watching a Weem vid. 🙂

  • tobortine 8 years ago

    “It’s a laser” made me chuckle so I’ve subbed 😉

  • 2WheelPsychosis 8 years ago

    Dude, you should try the Hindhead tunnel on the A3. Now that’s a run I plan to do soon.

  • whoamiuk1 8 years ago

    Cool… I need to find a tunnel around here lol

  • Alfa persius 8 years ago

    nice sound in the tunnel,sub’d 🙂

  • RoyalJordanian 8 years ago

    You are welcome 🙂 and I see you used ‘my’ tunnel. I would not be surprised if we see a no motorbikes sign next time lol

  • 1975supermike 8 years ago

    Is it true that textile jackets don’t offer good protection over 40/50 mph ? Thats what I was told by the guys at the shop. He said there only good for cruising, not if you plan to go over 50.