oooooohmygod, I hate advertising.
I hate it so much that I record all the TV I watch, just so I can skip past ads or if it’s live I mute the TV until the it goes away.
I even set up a firewall on my phone just to stop advertising pop-up’s on “free” apps which is distracting, slows my phone and steals mobile browsing data.
One of the reason I love ans happily subscribe for NetFlix …. no adverts.

Good advertising has it’s place in the world, but how much is too much?
In today’s episode of “What the f*ck is Weem on about” I talk about advertising and how it’s affecting social behaviour and how I’m sorry that I’ve started inflicting you with more marketing bullsh*t by monetising my account 😀
I got sick of it a long time ago, so I share with you my way of avoiding ads over all of the internet just by adding a couple of apps to your browser or your phone.

For more information on the São Paulo ban on outdoors advertising and how it affected the city inhabitants, check out this 2min short from Morgan Spurlock:


Firewall tool I use on Android: No Root FireWall
AdBlockPlus I use on web browsers: AdBlockPlus


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