oooooohmygod, I hate advertising.
I hate it so much that I record all the TV I watch, just so I can skip past ads or if it’s live I mute the TV until the it goes away.
I even set up a firewall on my phone just to stop advertising pop-up’s on “free” apps which is distracting, slows my phone and steals mobile browsing data.
One of the reason I love ans happily subscribe for NetFlix …. no adverts.

Good advertising has it’s place in the world, but how much is too much?
In today’s episode of “What the f*ck is Weem on about” I talk about advertising and how it’s affecting social behaviour and how I’m sorry that I’ve started inflicting you with more marketing bullsh*t by monetising my account 😀
I got sick of it a long time ago, so I share with you my way of avoiding ads over all of the internet just by adding a couple of apps to your browser or your phone.

For more information on the São Paulo ban on outdoors advertising and how it affected the city inhabitants, check out this 2min short from Morgan Spurlock:


Firewall tool I use on Android: No Root FireWall
AdBlockPlus I use on web browsers: AdBlockPlus


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  • Trojan_Blonde 5 years ago

    That fucking accent doe <3

  • Triumf Ant 5 years ago

    DFS? Were you talking about DFS? Because I think you were talking about DFS.I don’t monetize my vlogs (there’s no point and I don’t want to put off potential subs) but I have a couple of non-vlogs which have way more views than I have subs, so they’re obviously being watched by non-subs, so I don’t mind monetizing them. Fingers crossed, I should be getting my first cheque in the next decade or two.

  • sjbali 5 years ago

    do it dude, i think monetizing your channel is more than fair, i see it this way as long i’m not directly ‘ask’ my viewers for money i can live with it, everything else is a big nope at least for me.. even stickers and stuff i just send out for free. Watching my horrible vids and supporting me is already more than i dare to ask 🙂 Soooooo about that darkweeeeeem dildo.. are you gonna make a giveaway for that anytime soon ??? LOOOOOOOLLL

  • ZuneBase 5 years ago
  • WhirleyHog 5 years ago

    I’m with you on advertising a lot of them now are showing a short film that has absolutely nothing to do with there product cheers for the Firefox addon i shall be using that you can’t seem to get away from adverts there like a virus Keep up the good vids my friend

  • shadetree surgeon 5 years ago

    Could not agree more, advertising to get your product out there is one thing. Nothing wrong with advertising your restaurant or your services… Where it becomes bad for me is predatory marketing directed only at getting people into debt that they can’t afford.

  • Clutchy 5 years ago

    Some adverts are gold though, like Dave from Money super market 😀

  • StreetTriple Mat 5 years ago

    I just unmonetised every one of my uploads 🙂

  • Lamb Chop Rides 5 years ago

    Some very good points raised there I hadn’t even considered some of the implications.. Top stuff matey!

  • Thunderous71 5 years ago

    I take it you are not going to have kids soon then 😉

  • SirJambo 5 years ago

    Damn it Weem, stop riding on roads around me that I know! :DProbably not the best time to mention that Im genuinly thinking about going into marketing when I’m older…

  • DangleVonBallbag 5 years ago

    My advertising pet hate is when companies market premium products directly to kids in an attempt to make the parents feel compelled to buy it. Disney are the absolute worst here: watch?v=T8DLyA315mU No fucks given to the parents being made to feel like shit because “When are you going to tell them?” is “probably never” and even less fucks given for the kids watching that crap while living on the breadline.Makes me angry.

  • OfficialSmo 5 years ago

    I totally hear you bud, I hate it when things are literally forced down my throat if you… get what I mean.

  • MyRandomLife247 5 years ago

    I don’t know man, monetizing is a topic that makes me uncomfortable. My biggest motivator are my fans but YouTube earnings is a much smaller incentive to keep going and also an additional source of income for backup. I also do it so I keep my parents off my back for thinking I’m wasting my time ;). Great vid mate, love your work.

  • Darkest Knight 5 years ago

    Youtube puts ads on your videos anyway so why not get paid for them, youtube just gets the money if you don’t monetize. I see far too many ads on the internet these days, drives me crazy. It’s getting worse and worse all the time.

  • The XT Donkey 5 years ago

    Bloody Hipster Advertising peoples !!!!!!!!! Totally agree with you dude I think you should Monetize your Chan Chan the work you put in the content is epic and some spare change for your coffee bill would help out or even some spare money to get that sticky front brake sorted lol I know your watching People Myself included and if you had any advice you would have said by now :PKeep`er Lit Dude

  • metalhead18241 5 years ago

    I believe the children are the future, we should crush them now…I think adverts in America are even worse than what we have (think wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man).Finally, have a massive thumbs up for Bill Hicks, I haven’t watched his stuff in a while) 😀

  • Tick Tock 5 years ago

    Hey bro, did you ever get that shirt i mailed to you?

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    Perfect timing with this …Since I was thinking of removing theadvertising on my channel…this week;)Well Done & loved the Hicks Window !!!

  • Triple Trouble 5 years ago

    a blockbuster video now that is a rarity. i hate ads i really do

  • ivanandhismightysteed 5 years ago

    Ooooh stickers – haven’t ordered one from u yet – oops – on it 🙂

  • Hedge hog 5 years ago

    I demand a Gollum impersonation,i think you would do it well.9:50.

  • Rhin0Neil 5 years ago

    I hate adverts. 🙁 More so on tv, That’s why i pre -record so i can skip through them.Nice to see the roads from where i used to live…

  • joentje292 5 years ago

    You should put adverts on your video’s Weeem, you will 1) get a bit of spare change you can do stuff with and, 2) you get credit (litterally :p) for your video’s.I support you in doing it but I also respect you not having it done yet!:)

  • Keith Wong 5 years ago

    Love Pewdiepie from his gaming videos but we are flooded with adverts from phone to transport to tv @.@

  • clanmac66 5 years ago

    Best app ever is Adblock Plus for Chrome. No more UT ads 🙂 RSm8

  • AdjrianNickelodeon 5 years ago

    I thought exactly the same way you do right now about ads on YT etc..I didn’t monotize my channel till I hit 50k subs because I was so against ads.However recently, as YT becomes more of a job than a hobby as by subscribers demand more content and the feeling of responsibility that comes with running a large channel, I’ve realised adblock is one of the worst things people can do to free content creators. I understand that you support vloggers in other ways etc.. however the fact remains that the majority of adblockers don’t.When you have a large majority of your viewers blocking ads, it makes the longevity and sustainability of channels like mine who don’t have millions of views every month, extremely hard to manage in the whole scheme of things. I don’t do stickers or shirts (yet).. The ad-rev covers a very small portion of the hours upon hours of editing 5 days per week (as you know). When I was a startup/small channel I didn’t understand this at all, but ad-rev could be double or triple what it currently is, and I have to be honest with you.. every cent counts when you put off other profitable IRL ventures to chase your creative flair on YT.

  • 2ndchildhood 5 years ago

    As a child psychologist, I’ve been preaching this for years. It pervades all media. In sitcoms, the adults and other authority figures are portrayed as complete dolts and bumbling idiots. It erodes their place in the hierarchy of culture so they lose their validity as leaders/guiders of youth. It’s in the music we listen too, as well. Kind of scary to imagine where it and we are all headed.

  • BimbleBoy Blue 5 years ago

    I do not miss the pre Ad blocker days one bit!… miss Bill Hicks tho.

  • Ethan Senior 5 years ago

    I have never been this early to a Weeem video :O Woohoo! Going to the adverts with children in have you seen the warbartons advert with that young Gordon Ramsey? Showing the kid mouth off and swear at his mum because the “quality” was appalling. Just goes to show what the advert creators think when they make them and why they do it.

  • ThreeStreets42 5 years ago